Lowry Centre, Salford Quays

DTZ (Stephen Clarke, Director of Earth) was appointed by Salford City Council to work with the cultural team to assist in the development of the cultural flagship, which went on to become The Lowry Centre (The Lowry).

This role had specific regard to the scheme’s financial viability and capital funding.

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Client:           Salford City Council


  • The Lowry acted as a catalyst for the wider Salford Quays regeneration
  • Designed by James Sterling and Michael Wilford, it houses the Lyric theatre, Quays theatre, studio and gallery space, cafes, bars and a restaurant
  • Salford Quays also includes the Imperial War Museum, North and Media City UK, a 200 acre mixed-use development which focuses on the media industries
  • The Lowry opened in 2000

Date:            1992 to 1996


Sector:      Arts & Heritage