David Bowler

Special Advisor

020 7490 2650


David was employed by Vinci for over 25 years until 2018.  During that time held the position of Director of Vinci Plc, Managing Director of Vinci Investments and Development Companies.


David led on the construction bidding and completed inter alia the following projects:

  • Bute Ave Cardiff – an £180 mil-infrastructure and regeneration scheme in Cardiff Bay.
  • Project MODEL – a £350 mil infrastructure and regeneration scheme for RAF Northolt and release of surrounding land to pay for the regeneration costs.
  • Project Covent Garden Market – involving the regeneration of Covent Garden Market funded by the sale of existing land assets. Total value over £250 mil.

David is a Special Advisor to Earth, on a project-by-project basis.

Since Earth was established, it has been an advisor to Vinci on a number of projects.