Real Estate Optimisation Model (REOM®)


Earth announces the launch of its Real Estate Optimisation Model (REOM®).

REOM forecasts real estate requirements for healthcare and education, based on Government demographic data and benchmarks.

REOM can forecast real estate requirements, at different levels of catchment area including; borough, primary school, secondary school, and primary care (General Practitioner surgeries).

Earth identified the need for a robust forecasting tool for the real estate implications and space requirements, to help deliver improved and efficient services, to meet the growing and changing demographic demands.

REOM will model the implications and sensitivities of the greater use of video communication platforms.

Since 2019, Earth have been piloting REOM with the assistance of relevant public sector bodies. Not only did REOM forecast the current and future estate needs, it also enabled an audit of the current facilities and to identify and focus where capital investment is required, to optimise the real estate.

On completion of the pilots, Earth has trademarked REOM and established REOM as a bespoke service to assist public sector bodies and landowners, forecast education and healthcare real estate requirements.

As part of Get Britain Building in 2021, REOM will also support funding bids to Government, clearly identifying the market need, based on Government demographic data and benchmarks.